Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BuckTile St. Cafe

Totally out of the way Cafe located at the West area of Singapore. No way near the main road but hidden far inside some landed property located at 104 Faber Drive. 

Directions to Bucktile St. Cafe (from their facebook)
1) Alight at Clementi MRT Station and take bus 154 at the bus stop in front of Clementi Mall.
2) Alight at The Infiniti(a condo) which is the fourth stop.
3) Cross the overhead bridge and continue to walk straight.
4) Make a left turn the moment you see Faber Drive

Personally, I love anything related to coconut. Decided to make a trip there as I saw they do serve ondeh ondeh cake which I am craved to try that. Unfortunately, ondeh ondeh cake is not available on that day... sad sad... 

Anyway, saw another interesting cake called Ulu Ulu Pandan Caramel Cake, took this one as a substitute. Very unique taste with pandan flavour but feel that the cake is slightly too sweet maybe due to the top layer of caramel. 

Rainbow cake is something that I will never skip. Feel that the rainbow cake is too sweet and all I can taste it chocolate. Sugar overloaded. Maybe it will turns out better if they use dark chocolate? 

104 Faber Drive
Singapore 129412

Operating Hours:
Mon - Tue: 1200 – 2300
Thur - Sun: 1200 - 2300
Closed on Wednesday

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