Monday, 7 September 2015

Cornell's Brand New Hello Kitty Rice Cooker & More!

Hello Kitty Fans! Looking to add on more Hello Kitty Appliances to your Kitchen? Cornell has just unveils it's Brand New Hello Kitty 0.4 litres Rice Cooker and some have gotten a revamp too!

Hello Kitty Rice Cooker (CRCHK106)
$49.90 (UP: $69.90)
Perfect size for small family. Beside energy saving features and multiple functions, it's easy to clean up as it's a non-stick removable inner pot.

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker (CSMHK503)
$39.90 (UP: $59.90)
Isn't that cute and adorable. It comes with cool touch housing as well as non-stock coating plate for easy cleaning. Can you see that the toasted bread is imprinted with a Hello Kitty motify? That's cool!

Hello Kitty Pop-up Toaster (CTHK203)
$42.90 (UP:$62.90)
I believe this type of Pop-up Toaster is commonly used in many house hold in preparation of the morning breakfast. One feature that i like it very much is the toaster will switch off automatically when the toast is done. I will never afraid my bread will over toast any more. This comes with the slot cover for prevent dust too.

Hello Kitty Table Fan (CFN-HKT12)
$49.00 (UP:$82.00)
12-inch table fan comes in three speed function that is suitable to place it any where in your office. I think some of you may be planning to put one at your office desk too which my colleague did. There is also a built-in thermal safety fuse too.

Hello Kitty Cordless Kettle (CJK-HK17SS)
$49.90 (UP: $84.00)
Stylish Kitty that comes with 360-degree rotational base with cord storage. There is a concealed stainless steel element as well as protection again overheating. 

Hello Kitty Kitchen Scale (CKSHK50D)
$39.90 (UP: $59.90)
Tempered glass with touch screen kitchen scale ideal for those who enjoyed baking at home.

About Cornell
Cornell is about making your life simple - with a wide range of pocket-friendly and well-made electric appliances. All Cornell products, which range from kitchen and cooking appliance to housekeeping, healthcare and lifestyle appliances, are built to exacting standards, with every element carefully considered. To find out more, visit Website and join their Facebook community at Facebook

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