Monday 24 October 2022

élan | Newest Cocept by Les Amis Group

élan is the newest concept launches by Les Amis Group located in the heart of town at Shaw Centre. Lead by Restaurant Director Philippe Pau and Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo, élan brings approachable, modern French cuisine with hints of Asian influence.

Kick off our dinner with 2 impressive starters that set the bar high

Frog Legs ($34.00++) Frog legs from tender local bull frogs with flavourful and rich premium mangetsu scrambled eggs, crème fraiche and fine herbs

Carabinero Prawns ($42.00++) Carabinero prawns from Spain charcoal grilled over binchotan with umami filled sauce made from umami sea urchin and yuzu sauce.

Show-stopping main courses
Tilefish ($65.00++) prepped with piping hot oil poured over the scales of a fresh, flavourful fillet resulting in a distinctive crunch, and served alongside silky potato mousseline, melted leeks and bonito velouté.

Suckling Pig ($62.00++) Spanish suckling pig, consisting of deboned and deconstructed legs, shoulder and belly, restructured together and pan roasted till crispy, marinated with garlic and thyme, served with poultry jus. Served alongside pork head terrine (consisting of pork head, jowl, and tongue, boiled with vegetables and then moulded into a terrine, coated with breadcrumbs and pan fried) Apples and pickled red cabbage tartlet providing tartness and tanginess to the dish

Aqina “Pineapple” Chicken ($110.00++, for 2) Whole roasted organic kampong chicken from Malaysia, fed with pineapple enzymes, served with pilaf of jasmine rice, fragrantly seasoned with lemongrass, ginger, coriander, pandan leaves and chicken fats

Cheese (s.$20.00|m.$28.00|l.36.00++)
a selection of mature french farm cheese from their platter

élan also carry an extensive range of desserts showcasing endless creativity
Lemon ($20.00++) A “frozen lemon” consisting of zesty palette-cleansing lemon & kaffir lime cream, lemon compote & basil gel in a white chocolate crust. Citrusy and tart with an aroma of basil and kaffir lime. Crack-able, realistically textured to resemble a full lemon

élan’s Chocolate ($20.00++) Smooth milk chocolate mousse with velvety caramel and a tart passion fruit jelly, on a ginger & almond sponge cake

You can opt for à la carte items, or a set menu ($70.00++/pax) for lunch and a 4-course ($135.00++/pax) tasting menu for dinner.
Location: élan, 1 Scotts Road, #01-13 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh | Gaggan Anand’s First Overseas Outpost Opens in Singapore

Gaggan Anand’s first overseas outpost of Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh opens on 24 Oct 2022. Expect a medley of home-style Mexican and Indian cooking, which blend flavours and traditions, reproducing a menu that is romantically influenced by both cultures.

Mixed Chips with Four Dips (Pickled Mango, Chili Cheese Sauce, Guacachutney and Pickled Baby Corns)

Papdi Chaat ($18.00++) Inspired from a traditional Indian street snack and Chef Gaggan’s signature dish. “Yogurt Explosion”, which consist of spherified yogurt that is made of chaat masala and yogurt.

Cold Curry Ceviche ($20.00++) Inspired from Gaggan’s classic dish called ‘Cold Curry Scallops’

Spicy Crunchy Okra ($12.00++) A popular Indian snacks

Truffle Quesadilla ($28.00++) Incorporates influences from both cultures, Mexican (quesadilla) and Indian (paneer)

Hate Veggies Love Peanut Mole ($14.00++) A staple within Mexican cuisine is the Mole sauce, which is used as a common sauce or marinade.

Maria Singh Fish Tacos ($18.00++) Inspired by the classic Baja Fish Tacos, this twist is inspired from two different styles of sauces. Don't forget to get the Ms. Maria & Mr Singh Shots ($16.00++) Special shots that are designed to go along with the tacos!

Patrani Fish Tamal ($30.00++) Incorporates influences from both cultures: Indian (patrani -roasted, charred fish wrapped in banana leaf) and Mexican (tamale – common Mexican dish made of masa (corn dough) and steamed in a corn husk / banana leaf.

Gaggan’s Crab Curry ($32.00++) The crab meat is stirred fried with black pepper and curry leaves before added into the curry

Chicken Tikka Masala ($18.00++) A staple within British Cuisine and a classic curry that is popularized by cooks from India living in Great Britain

Biryani Surf & Turf ($28.00++) Surf (Prawns & Scallops) & Turf (Beef Tongue) A new variation was created for Singapore.

Banana Rhubarb Old Fashioned ($22.00++) A twist of Old Fashion where banana is infused with monkey shoulder for 24 hours and a hint of rhubarb.

Location: Ms. Maria and Mr. Singh Singapore, 43 Craig Road, Singapore 089691

Monday 10 October 2022

Shang Palace | NEW Executive Chinese Chef Daniel Cheung Launches his Star Dishes

Helmed by NEW Executive Chinese Chef Daniel Cheung who has more than 37 years of top-level Cantonese cooking, Shang Palace has a refresh menu which includes many of his star dishes in Hong Kong as well as the restaurant renowned Nostalgic dishes, Cantonese classics, and guests’ s favourite.
Chilled Fresh Abalone Marinated with Japanese Sake
(Chilled Fresh abalone marinated with Japanese sake for at least 6 hours)

Chilled Tomato with Plum Jelly 
(Chilled tomato wrapped with a thin layer of plum jelly)
Barbecued Pork Pastry
(Flaky puff pastry stuffed with char siew pork, a classic Cantonese dim sum)

Scallop Siew Mai
(Siew Mai is topped with Australian Scallop)
Applewood smoked bean curd rolls with shiitake mushroom, carrot and green mustard ($18.00++) These green mustard, mushrooms and carrots are skillfully rolled in a prescribed sequence after a painstaking multi-step process, the rolls are then finished by smoking over the steamer with Pu-er tea, sugar and uncooked rice, served under a cloche with applewood smoke.
Boneless quail filled with bird’s nest in supreme broth ($98.00++) Quail is deboned and stuffed with bird's nest braised in chicken stock and shreds of Jinhua ham. The supreme broth is cooked for 8 hours using chicken, pork, and Jinhua ham to coax maximum flavour.

Steamed spotted garoupa fillet in egg white sauce topped with crispy parma ham ($48.00++) Delicately steamed fillet of garoupa drench with superior broth and egg white, with finely chopped broccoli and carrot.
Stewed Shrimp pomelo peel ($28.00++) A nostalgic dish that is not commonly available. I didn’t know that Pomelo peels can be eaten in this way. Wow.
Cantonese style crispy chicken served with spicy salt ($38.00++) Self-developed and painstaking preparation comprising marination bath, low-temperature cooking, air-drying, and finishing in an oil bath to crisp the skin upon order.
Baked live prawns with garlic and Sarawak white pepper ($58.00++) Presented in a sizzling casserole pot is the live local prawns and Sarawak pepper, so aromatic!
Fried rice with Kagoshima Wagyu beef ($28.00++) Beautiful Red Tomato is stuffed with fragrant Wagyu beef egg fried rice

Double-boiled Snow Pear with Peach Resin, Mandarin Peel and Chuanbei (Curated – usually available only as part of a set)
Location: Shangri-La Singapore, Lobby Level, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

Saturday 8 October 2022

Crystal Jade Pavilion | Crystal Jade Group Open Its Third Fine Dining Concept Restaurant

Crystal Jade Group has open its third fine dining concept restaurant at VivoCity. Taking over the former premises of Crystal Jade Dining IN, Crystal Jade Pavilion offers modern Interpretations of classic Chinese dishes amid a bright and breezy setting with an expansive view of the sea and Sentosa island
Chilled Tomatoes with Roselle Plum ($10.00++) 

Chilled Homemade Tofu with Scallop, Bonito Flakes and Perilla Leaf ($18.80++) 

Deep-fried Mushrooms and Corn with Salted Egg Yolk ($12.80++) 

Chilled Fresh Lily Bulb and Cordyceps Flower with King Oyster Mushroom ($13.80++) 

Poached Scotland Bamboo Surf Clam in Prawn Broth ($26.80++ per person) 

Pan-fried Sliced Duck and Foie Gras with Crepe ($18.80++ per person) 

Pan-fried Threadfin with Supreme Soya Sauce ($58.80++, 600-700g) 

Fresh Chinese Yam with Sea Cucumber in Fragrant Spicy Sauce in Claypot ($42.80++) 

Poached Choy Sum, Black Fungus & Cordyceps Flower in Chinese Ginger Wine ($24.80++) 姜酒虫草花木耳浸菜心

Braised Duo Vermicelli with Pearl Abalone & Pork Belly in Abalone Sauce ($33.80++) 

Cheng Tng Sweet Soup with Six Treasures and Golden Luo Han Guo in Whole Fresh Coconut ($13.80++ per person) 椰皇金丝罗汉果六宝冻

Location: Crystal Jade Pavilion, VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-112, Singapore 098585