Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pince and Pints - Lobster

Craving for Lobsters? Looking for a place that specialized in Lobster. Check out Pince & Pints located at Duxton Road.  

Yes, this is their menu. 1 page, 3 choice or maybe I would say 4 choice all at the same rate at $48++ per dish. Live Whole Lobster which you can go for (1) Grilled or (2) Steamed. (3) Lobster Roll and (4) Chilli Lobster. 

We take 3 out of the 4 choices and this is it! 

Between the Grilled or Steamed, we go for the grilled and this is also their recommended choice. Indeed very good and we feel that this is the best among the 3 dishes. Huge, Fresh, Tender Lobster with char grill taste. 

Hmm.. For the price of $48++ personally find that this is not worth the price tag for the Lobster Roll. Maybe you still get the same amount of lobster meat as compared to the whole lobster but mentally, i am thinking why a bread with some lobster meat cost $48? hahaha.. 

The Chilli Lobster is suitable for those who like to go with some gravy and dip with fried mantou. Not very spicy, something like local Chilli Crab but.... I would rather go for a 1kg Chilli Crab who cost about the same price than a Lobster. 

32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089496

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1700 hr to 2300 hr (Dinner ONLY)
Sat & Public Holiday: 1200 hr to 2300 hr

Note: They don't take reservation. Walk-in only. 

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  1. You really gave us a helping hand here, Joe. With this very handy breakdown of what to expect in Pince and Pints, I guess I'll be going with grilled lobsters then, since that's the one that apparently delivers completely. And although the price of the lobster roll is a bit of a bummer, I'd love to try out that one too. Have a nice day!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks