Monday, 24 August 2015

23 Jumpin @ 1 Irving Place

23 Jumpin specialised in Coffee and Brunch is located just within walking distance from Tai Seng MRT station (Exit A). Most people know this as an industrial area but there is a transformation recently with several restaurants and cafes popping up in this area.  

At first, I thought this is just another scooter parked along the road side right outside the cafe but when I am taking a photo of this cafe, I realized a "23" marked on the scooter. Do you think it's a coincident? Obviously, this should belongs to the owner of 23 Jumpin. 

Egg Benedict $14
A piece of english muffin as the base, a slice of ham, 2 perfectly poached runny eggs with hollandaise sauce. Perfect breakfast to start off your day.

Jumpin's Ultimate Breakfast $15
Slight disappointment when I saw this. Although there is Honey Baked Ham, Bacons, Scramble Eggs, Toast Bread, Pasta, Salad and Bratwurst Sausage, there is no WOW effect. Maybe this is called "Ultimate" breakfast, it did not amaze me as I expect more than this. 

Mocha $5
It's just another cup of mocha for me. Maybe I preferred a darker roast kind of coffee.

1 Irving Place (The Commerze)
Singapore 369546

Operating Hours:
Tue-Sun: 1100 hr to 2100 hr

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