Saturday, 10 October 2015

潮粥 Chaozhou Porridge

潮粥 ChaoZhou Porridge, an modern, air-conditioned restaurant located River Valley Road doles out a gamut of Teochew-style cuisines. To learn the ins and out of Teochew cuisines, the Head Chef travelled to Chaoshan to learn from the best chefs and acquire local recipes, brought it back and now sharing it with the Teochew porridge lovers in Singapore. 

Typically, we don't know the price for each dish, they just tell us the total amount and we just pay. At ChaoZhou Porridge, the prices are pretty transparent. There is a menu that tell you the price for each dish. 

Steamed Meat Ball with Porridge Water ($5.50)
A variation of the ChaoZhou Porridge, the meatballs are a medley of different ingredients such as pork and vegetables. The slightly salty pork and bright vegetable lend an extra dimension to the subtle taste of the porridge. 

Big Sotong with Homemade Sauce ($6.90)
Pillowy squids are first steamed and then chilled, making this a cold appetiser. Served alongside is an artisanal sweet-sour sauce tinged with a spicy note.

Cold Bean Curd with Preserved Radish ($4.80)
The tender white bean curd is a charming combination of spring onions and a savoury sauce. This is a dish that brims with so much flavour.

ChaoZhou Steamed Mullet (Seasonal Price)
The Mullet is chosen for it meatiness. The whole fish is steamed in the pot first before having its gut removed. This step retains the juicy and original taste of the fish oil. Vegetables are then added for a crunchy bite.

Braised Delight Platter ($16.90)
This platter includes Duck, Pork Belly, Large Intestines, Egg, Bean Curd & Tau Pok. The braised duck is the culmination of 30 years of experimentation. It's a must-have during Chinese New Year. The duck meat is braised for a rich taste, before being repeatedly soaked in brine to lock in the fragrance. 

Preserved Radish Omelette ($2.50 small, $4.50 large)
The egg is artfully fried to a resplendent golden. Fillings of radishes add a crunchy bite. 

October 2015 Supper Buffet!! $16.80 per pax (UP: $23.80)
ChaoZhou Porridge is proud to announce the launch of it's brand-new supper buffet. Available from 11pm to 5am daily. Sidle up to the display counter, where over 30 homespun Teochew dishes await. These mainstays are comforting and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

ChaoZhou Porridge operates in the vicinity of Singapore's hottest clubs and nightlife hot spots. as such, the supper buffet caters to those who need a brief respite to rejuvenate before continuing their celebration. 

221 River Valley Road
Singapore 238279

Operating Hours:
 Mon to Sun: 1030 to 0500hrs

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