Sunday, 12 July 2015

STREET 50 @ Bay Hotel Singapore

In celebration of the nation's 50th birthday, STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar located at Bay Hotel Singapore is launching a special Golden Jubilee all-day a la carte menu that debuts officially on 1 August 2015! However, you don't have to wait till 1 August 2015, they have already made it available from 10 July 2015 (soft launch)!

They are located at the street level of 50 Telok Blangah Road and reputable among street smart diners, this is why STREET 50.

I am so excited that STREET 50 operate 22 hours a day! From 6am in the morning till 4am the next morning, I bet many night owls and always hunger for supper like me would love this place. 

Many may think that dining in a Hotel would be expensive but STREET 50's is an exception! From starters, soups, desserts all priced under $10 each to main course, pizza, pastas are all nothing over S$20 each. 

Interesting fact: These dishes are created by their New Executive Chef - Kay Lee Hou Keong, not only did he train at Joel Robuchon, he also trained under renowned Michelin Star chef Max Milleri and had spent almost two decades both local and abroad. His task and challenge upon joining the dedicated STREET 50's culinary team is to give the international dishes a local flavour. How did he do it? Let me walk you through...

Snow Crab Salad ($9.90) 
Many food bloggers give a thumb up for this refreshing appetizer.

Land and Sea Shell Salad with Spicy Cincalok ($9.90)
 An appetising shell-cculent dish of californian manila clams, top shells and escargots served with a tangy asian achar salad and spicy cincalok dressing

Otah by the Bay ($8.90)
When comes to Otah, as we know, it's made by mixing fish paste or prawn paste with mixture of some spices. I am so amazed when this Otah is served on our table! Very creative and not stingy with the ingredient! Manila clams, giant octopus, hokkaido scallops and coral garoupa! Wow!

Fisherman's Soup ($8.90) 
This rich seafood soup combined the best from the sea flavoured with garlic, bay leaf and white wine vinegar, and served with a rustic chunk of country bread.

Bay's Spring Chicken ($14.90) 
Deep fried with tantalizig alay turmeric spices, and served with a refreshing coleslaw salad, the sharp taste of the spices blends perfectly with the juicy tenderness of the chicken. I really love the crispness skin and one of the popular dish you should try.  

Satay Un-Skewered ($19.90)
This is my favourite among the 12 dishes I tired. Australia Lamb chop marinated in tantalising satay spice and topped with the perennial favourite peanut sauce. Lamb chop lover + satay lover, this is a MUST try! 

Satay Bay-hoon ($14.90)
Rice vermicelli with cuttlefish, octopus. californian manila clams, kang kong, chicken sate lilit, tau pok, and a quail egg with chilli paste peanut sauce. For those who dislike cockles, no worries, it is not included in the ingredient. As I always like the Satay peanut sauce alot, feel that they should serve more sauce and it will be perfect for Satay Bee Hoon lovers. 

Sambal Saba ($16.90)
Saba fish topped with sea salt flakes, a piquant sambal onion chutney, Asian salad, and served with fragrant Jasmine Rice. For someone like me who love sambal chilli, you would certainly love this!  

Veal Cheek Rendang ($19.90)
8 hours of braising, topped with a full-flavored Rendang sauce, no wonder the meat is so tender!

Garoupa Popiah ($18.90)
Garoupa wrap with Popiah skin? For those who do know what is Popiah skin, it's a soft thin paper like crepe made from wheat flour. Very innovative as I have not seen such combination before.

Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee ($9.90)
Wah!! My favourite Bubur Cha Cha with one of the popular Creme Brulee putting a local spin on a popular global dessert.

Durian Pengat ($8.90)
Durian pengat paired with a fragrant and emerald pandan jelly achieve a dessert that has all the familiarity of the national fruits of Singapore. It will be awesome if there is some durian fresh!

Here is a good news to share with all my readers. From now till 31 Aug 2015, bring 3 of your friends along with you (minimum 4 pax), order minimum 3 main course and you can redeem the Satay Un-skewered ($19.90) at no cost if you quote my Instagram account (joeyang1277) prior order. Call them at 6818 6681 for a reservation now.

Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098829

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun: 6am to 4am

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