Friday, 20 January 2017

EHBUZZ - New Community Portal

Was introduced in Nov 16 to try out this new Community Portal for Lifestyle outlets and buzzes called ENBUZZ which this portal offers 3 different category. Gourmet, Beauty and Tech.

EHBUZZ seeks to be the authentic buzz portal that consumers go to by trending influencers, outlets and buzzes through Gamification. What is Gamification? Use rewards for players who accomplish desired task or competition to engage players. Types of rewards includes points, achievement badges or levels

There are different kinds of Missions for you to achieve to gain rewards

Accomplished the mission and earn the Badges.

What is the benefits as a Consumer? You get access to the trending buzz and follow trending influencer. Check out what is the Most Rated Buzzes, Newest, Nearest, etc.

EHBUZZ portal benefits to the Influencer too. It enable users to reach out to our Facebook, Instagram and Blog, gaining more exposure.

Check out and try it out.